Monday, 5 October 2015

Its been a while

Well firstly sorry for not posting for such a long time, I have been so buy with work, kids, allotment and things in general.

Things are slowing down on the plot - Oh no they are not, finished a lot of the summer crops just getting few stragglers now, still getting tomatoes and beans, peas all gone now, but got a good collection of seeds for next year from the peas, beans and some of the lovely flowers.

I have managed to get lots of crops started for the over winter into spring period now.  I am growing ; dwarf french beans, more peas, autumn sunflowers, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, broad beans, charlotte and red york potatoes, leeks, and radicchio & parsnips

So lots still going on, have covered the large central beds to kill off the over grown grasses and weeds ready for next weekend when we will dig over and pull out the remaining red & green cabbages and cover again to keep the weeds down for spring planting.

Will be time to pull out all the tomato plants soon but still getting some so leaving as long as possible



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reorganising the Greenhouse

We have a small infestation happening in the greenhouse - white / greenfly ...

Took everything out of the greenhouse and sprayed with soap/water solution and wiped down all the leaves, still some clingers on - will have to go back later on tonight and do again to get rid of the remaining pests.

Moved a few sweet basil and French Marigold plants into the greenhouse dotted around to try to discourage their return. 
 They just seemed to appear over night.  Hope that my aubergines will recover from this pest attack.

I have some parsnips
Lots of GREEN tomatoes
At last some red ones

Disappointing - Only two Plum Tomatoes growing so far
My first Water Melon
Only 2 weeks old growing like crazy
Don't think we will get any sweet corn this year.
Oh well, will have to start them off earlier next year.  Delayed with everything this year as only got onto our plot in March and only got greenhouse late May - NEXT YEAR will be much better
Similar with Courgettes and cucumbers, late start and issues with water supply this year as new plot so again next year should be better
Will we get a harvest from our borlotti beans this year
Lovely lettuce looks like a posy

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Little tunnel

Well finally made my first netted tunnel. Using water pipe and netting and ties.  It's a bit wonky. Think I need more practice. 

Sown some more carrots, I know it's a bit late but daughter really wanted to sow more. Planted out more leeks and some purple sprouting broccoli too all grown from seed. 

Sown a few more seeds too, five trays, peas, dwarf french beans, parsnips, swede & radicchio.